Have you heard of NAIC Week? We hadn’t either, until we joined the NOMM Team! To kickstart our summer, we each participated in NAIC (No Added Ingredient Challenge) Week and we want to share our experiences with you. The purpose of NAIC Week is to learn about and empathize with the challenges consumers face when making healthy food choices and trying to find products with clean ingredients. We each spent one week being more aware of our choices and tried to choose foods and beverages without any added sugar,/processed sweeteners oils, or flavors/preservatives - just like a NOMM cookie!

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I tend to eat pretty healthy foods on a regular basis, so I wasn’t too worried going into NAIC Week. My confidence quickly dissipated when I went to make my morning cup of coffee on Day 1 and realized that the stevia drops I use every day were counted as added sugar (rather, as a processed sweetener)! Looking back, I was pretty naive in thinking that just because most products I use are marketed as “healthy,” that they would be free from added ingredients. 

Throughout the challenge, some harsh realizations included learning that many of my favorite hot sauces (self proclaimed hot sauce addict over here :)) had sugar in them, the chocolate chips I love were off limits due to added sugar, and nut milks tend to have a looooot of added ingredients.

I learned that I have become pretty dependent on sauces and dressings to add flavor to my foods, and I pushed myself to explore adding flavor in new ways. I used lots of seasonings and lemon juice to flavor my food throughout the week, and that’s certainly a habit I want to take with me after this challenge. 

From this week I learned that most food products (even the “healthy” ones) do have added ingredients, and this challenge has heightened my awareness of that and allowed me to refocus on eating mostly real, whole foods to feel my best!

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