Have you heard of NAIC Week? We hadn’t either, until we joined the NOMM Team! To kickstart our summer, we each participated in NAIC (No Added Ingredient Challenge) Week and we want to share our experiences with you. The purpose of NAIC Week is to learn about and empathize with the challenges consumers face when making healthy food choices and trying to find products with clean ingredients. We each spent one week being more aware of our choices and tried to choose foods and beverages without any added sugar,/processed sweeteners oils, or flavors/preservatives - just like a NOMM cookie!

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At the beginning of NAIC Week I thought the week would be difficult. Even though I regularly eat a lot of whole foods, I had read articles about the struggles other people have encountered while trying to eliminate sugar and processed sweeteners. But NAIC Week was asking for so much more we were up to the challenge of looking out for no-added oil, additives, or preservatives too! 

I was shocked on day 1, meal 1, when I went to have my banana and whey protein shake with powdered peanut butter. I thought powdered peanut butter was just roasted peanuts with the oil removed why would there be any other ingredients in it? I was disappointed to quickly find out that sugar was added, and the whey protein shake also did not follow NAIC Week guidelines. 

During the challenge, I learned that many other foods I considered “healthy” didn’t follow the NAIC Week guidelines either. From my favorite salad dressing to the almond milk I use daily, there were added ingredients that I had no idea where there! Now that I know they are there, I still question why they are there? However, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that there are ways to satisfy my cravings or sweet tooth by looking up new recipes or searching for alternatives that have no-added sugar or oils (I definitely relied on my NOMM Chocolate Chip cookies and air fryer a lot throughout the week)!  

Overall, NAIC Week taught me to be aware of how companies can sneak these added ingredients into the foods we eat and disguise them using so many different names. This was definitely an eye-opening experience and I will be more mindful of the added ingredients in foods I consume!  

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